Fields of Dreams (US)

Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams came to be for only one reason. To create a clove that closely resembled an Indonesian cigarette. Larry (“Field’s” , Family Crest adorns every bottle) proudly smoked Djarum cloves for over 30 years, he put them down just one day after getting his first vape pen from his daughter Michelle for Christmas. After buying nearly every clove eliquid on the market, he realized the only way it was going to come true is if he did it himself. Six months later it came to be. Heritage, truely the closest thing to a true Indonesian experience than the real thing. Fields of Dreams has moved further, with the attempt to make something for everyone. Ancestry, a complex blend of creams & blueberries to satisfy those people who want a lot of flavor! Origin was made to satisfy peoples love for raspberries. Light & subtle throughout. There are more on the way! No sauce is rushed, they all carry a different base. No two are the same. This line is growing simply because there “Will” be something for everyone!

PG/VG Ratio 30/70.

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