Rule 42 (US)

Rule 42

A New Juice Collaboration With A Mission – To Help Those Affected By Addiction Find A Solution.

Rule 42 Means Different Things To Different People.  It’s Flexible, It Adapts, It Is Open To Interpretation.  Some Claim That It Is The Answer To The Ultimate Question Of Life, The Universe And To Everything. To Others It’s About Staying True To Yourself And Questioning Authority.  Whatever Rule 42 Really  Means Is Up To You. What’s Your Rule 42?

Beanbags/Paradies/Super Gramps

PG/VG Ratio 30/70.

El Jefe PG/VG Ratio 25/75.

Jag PG/VG Ratio 15/85.

Plunder PG/VG Ratio 50/50.

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