Nicotine in Australia
In Australia nicotine is classified as a "Schedule 7" substance by the Federal Poisons Act, which prohibits it's retail sale in any concentration.   Nicotine for personal use is covered by the Personal Importation Scheme – which allows for up to 3 months supply per delivery (requires a prescription from your Doctor).   There a many companies to import nicotine from for personal use and i strongly recommend doing your own research.  
I personally have found NudeNicotine to be very pleasant to deal with and they supply high quality nicotine bases in a range of strengths they also supply a chemical analysis of your purchased nicotine for peace of mind. GrumpyVapes recommends 100mg nicotine in a PG base. Very simple calculation to get your target mg% and minimizes any dilution of flavour and lasts alot longer.
*As all my products are sub ohm i do not recommend mixing above 6mg Nicotine strength.  
Store in Freezer.
Using 100mg Nicotine base to aquire target mg% as below
6mg = add 0.60ml nic to each 10ml juice
5mg = add 0.50ml nic to each 10ml juice
4mg = add 0.40ml nic to each 10ml juice
3mg = add 0.30ml nic to each 10ml juice
give or take a drop
Read all advice on the handling and mixing for your own personal requirements. If in doubt contact your chosen nicotine supplier.

***DO NOT ASK GrumpyVapes for nicotine.

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