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    I wanted to share my story on here. I, like many other people, started smoking around highschool 28 years ago. I thought it was cool and smoked behind my parents back. When i left school i started working and smoked full time really. Bought packs of smokes every payday and carried on. Obviously as the years rolled on health risks were recognised, warnings were placed on packets and prices increased. But i didn't care as i enjoyed it. I tried a few times unsuccessfully to quit, but i just enjoyed it too much. I lived by the motto "smoking is my choice, so rack off" and so it went. Obviously as the years went on further i developed coughs, wheezing, shortness of breath at times... but i still smoked and enjoyed it. I was hooked. Cue many years later around 2 years ago, late 2013, and i heard about this thing called Vaping. With the help of the internet and vaping shows i studied and found some online retailers from Australia for kits. After a lot of study as it was a little more complex than a pack of cigs and a lighter. And ordered an ego twist, basic bottom coil tank and some juice with nic from the U.S. and i just loved it straight away. As i saved money i updated my equipment and ordered different juices and flavours. Over these 2 years i noticed my sense of smell returning, taste too. No more wheezing and coughing up phlegm in the mornings. I no longer can stand the smell of burning ciggas so i consider myself a non smoker. I'm a Vaper and damn proud of it. I really enjoy all the flavours and have even gradually cut back from starting at 12mg, to today between 3 to 1.5mg. And with a local shop like VapeRise with knowledgeable Vapers and a cornucopia of the worlds finest juices and flavours and equipment i feel like smoking was my past and i can enjoy Vaping for many years to come. So do yourself a favour and stop smoking and switch to Vaping today.  
Deon Mclaren (Sicboy Fanboy)
    I would just like to share my vaping experience.  I was a 20+ per day cigar smoker, since the age of about 16 (I am now 48 years old) and had tried many ways to quit smoking over the last 20 or so years including hypnosis, cold turkey, and Champix. Nothing worked for me, as I enjoyed smoking, even though I hated the health issues at the same time. As laws around smoking tightened I found it harder and harder to enjoy a cigar, self loathing over smoking was getting to me. Sitting alone outside in the cold, feeling like an outcast, that look you get when you are “stinky” from smoking, my children telling me I smell bad, just to name a few. One day I was talking to a friend on Skype from Denmark, and they took a drag on a Provari vape device. I was amazed and intrigued by it, they continued to tell me all about it, and suggested I buy my first kit. From the first time I used my (very primitive at the time) vape gear I never picked up another cigar. That was 999 days ago. Tomorrow I hit my millennium.  These days I feel much healthier, feel like less of an “outcast”, and people actually ask me about it and are interested, rather than treating me as someone to avoid. Another added bonus of this is that I have saved over $23,000 that would otherwise have gone “up in smoke”.  With the amazing vape gear available these days, new vapers are in such a great position to quit the “stinkies” extremely easily and change their lives, and their families lives by proxy, for the better.   Thank you Vaping, you have turned my life around in so many ways.  
Richard H. (ageless)
I was once a moderately heavy smoker of 12mg cigarettes. I formed a bad habit at the age of 16 of smoking socially with friends. 6 months ago I realized that i had been smoking for almost 10 years with only a few weeks of failed attempts at quitting. I use to suffer really bad from withdrawal and i would go to extreme lengths just to get a cigarette. Buying cigarettes and smoking them only ever made me feel depressed, i never enjoyed any of it, i hated the taste, smell and the stigma. At my worst i was smoking 70 tailor-made and a 50g pouch of tobacco a week and between 20-30 cigarettes a day. I knew quitting smoking was going to be hard and i really wanted to give it another crack before i hit 10 years as a smoker. I researched e-cigs and began to realize how far it had come from when i was first introduced to the concept 3 years ago. It was now more suited towards me and my habits. I took the plunge and stop buying smokes for a week (which was like a living hell) and saved that money for some vaping gear. That was the best decision of my life!!! It began to snowball from there and after 2 weeks of vaping i knew that i would never buy, smoke or ask a friend for a cigarette. My daily habits changed almost immediately and found vaping gave me lots more freedom in all aspects of life not just Financially, physically, family and mentally but it also just improved my general outlook on life. I found so many benefits from changing over and now love to vape loud and vape proud. The biggest benefit for me personally was the fact that vaping makes me happy were smoking made me really depressed and the only thing that would stop that depression was smoking? All in all i can say it is an amazing alternative to smoking tobacco and it certainly changed my life! i have been vaping for 3 months and have not once been even remotely tempted to have a cigarette. Next month (April 2015) i will turn 27 and am so happy and proud i never hit a decade as a tobacco smoker!  
Rhys (aged 26)

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