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Hi my name is Jai and I am the Grumpy vaper.   After discovering vaping i guess the usual way, "what is that?" to completely quitting my 20 cigar a day habit of 20 years all within a week. I was a vaper.   I do not preach about it or think smoking is disgusting, it is bad and every smoker knows this, and of course the alternatives do not work for everyone. By law vaping is not considered an alternative in Australia. I believe if it was, a lot more smokers would quit. As it stands there is a lot of false information and  getting into vaping can be very confusing .  Lots of money can be wasted on inferior products, that may turn people off vaping from the start.    What i hope to achieve is to make things less confusing, sell only quality and to assist people make an informed decision with the myriad of products available and to sell it at the best price.
 All stock GrumpyVapes carry are authentic. This is a clone free environment.   At the moment pre-orders do not exist. The preference is to test the product after it arrives, if all is well and as it should be then allow the stock for sale. Which in turn means first in best dressed.   If you have any product suggestions definitely contact us. If a few vapers ask for the same product, of course we will get it in. You are the consumers and you know what you want better than any retailer (except Apple).   International enquiries welcome and assessed individually.   We would really like to add to the testimonial page, so if you feel inclined to share your rise to vaping with others please send it through, it may just help someone quit.   We would really appreciate any feedback or issues experienced on the site.
Trading as GrumpyVapes
VapeRise PTY LTD
 Reg 03/14
A.C.N. 609687881
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Get Grumpy

I tried many times to get free shipping but every shipping agency I call just laughs at me, after the 9th time i started to get grumpy, so I stopped asking.
Straight up best prices no need for coupons.
Vaping being classed as a tobacco product in N.S.W. any sort of loyalty program is illegal, so are giveaways including samples.
oh yeh and this
*GrumpyVapes will not sell nicotine or nicotine products.
**These products are intended for use by people 18 years of age or older. And GrumpyVapes will not sell to minors please do not ask.
***I do not recommend vaping for Pregnant women as a healthy option to smoking.

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